FN FAL/L1A1 GelBlaster Production Update.


With this update we have contacted all of our preorder customer directly via email earlier today and have been great encouraged by the overwhelming support.

So let’s not beat around the bush. The expected availability date of the Fn FAL of mid this year has been Delayed….

Our most up to date ETA on delivery from China at this stage is six months, making it roughly end of the year.

As a business Taidi have been invested (& I mean that in the literal sense) for over 2 years now. We are well past the $200k development cost over that period. We are at a point where we can’t back out without losing a substantial long term investment and we have no intention of doing so. This is a passion project for Travis and the rest of the team. A chance to actually make something special.

With that in mind we will continue with this project until it is finally a reality and we hope that all of our preorder customer will choose to do so as well.

So where are we actually at?

Approximately 65-70% complete. We are satisfied with the work so far on the Gas Block/front sight, Rear sight, mag release catch and folding Charging handle & the performance of the gearbox and lower receiver.

Things left to achieve are the Upper dust cover, Carry Handle and the Wood stock/foregrip/ pistol grip.

Increasing manufacturing costs!

We’ve just been requested by China to pay a further $12k USD ($17k AUD) for further development and Tooling costs. We expect to have this done by Mid-June. As is the case internationally with soaring costs everywhere this is going to increase the RRP of the finished Blaster to $1100.00.

Yes it’s a lot for a blaster, but this was never going to be just another M4 knock off. This was always going to be a collector’s piece that you couldn’t just buy anywhere.

This cost increase will also result in them being an extremely Limited production Run internationally in the number of approx. 300. Obviously anyone who has already preordered from us is protected from the price increase (or any others increases) but future orders will be at the higher price.

We had hoped to have better news by this point but the past 2 years of covid, lockdowns, financial downturn, difficulty in oversea’ s travel and commerce have all had a flow on effect that I’m sure most people are more than aware of.

Every spare cent of capital has been invested into this project for reasons more than making a profit and let’s be honest at this stage there isn’t a lot of profit to be made. But 2 plus years ago we made a commitment to ourselves and our fans and the community who supported us that this would be a real thing. We truly appreciate everyone who has preordered to date and are very grateful to those who have put their faith in us thus far.

We will get this done and it will be beautiful as only the “Right arm of the free World” can be.

What we ask of you our loyal fans and supporters is your continued patience. We will endeavour to give more updates more often as we close the book on production of our FN FAL.

My ongoing thanks Travis.