FN Fal Production update for July 2022

With our July update running abit late, this is where we are at;

Point to note on this is we are having to relocate the business premises from Raceview within the next 6weeks due to our lease ending which in return is putting addition pressure on our time frame as we must move all the machine shop equipment also.

 If you know of a suitable property that has a shed, hard standing and office space please email us at office@taidi.com.au

The rear sight block is now finished and on its way to us and we will have a small amount of these available via the website if anyone wishes to upgrade their existing sight block

We have just made a further $10k USD payment to JG for proprietary parts to go into the build with another $10kUSD to pay.

We have a prototype dust cover modelled for local machine stamping in Aus, see below.

Our Wood craftsman is only able to produce the Stock in the previously mentioned Walnut so we are working out options on the Fore grip and pistol grip. We are looking at acquiring a Pantograph machine that will enable us to Clone the original fore grip. This is a more time consuming process but we hope will provide a more accurate replication.

The pistol grip is the weak point at the moment due to needing to accept the motor within the hand grip without increasing the dimensions to much while still maintaining the strength of the timber grip.

JG has asked for nearly $20K USD just for the tooling alone so we have sent an upper receiver to a prototyping company to reverse engineer so we can do some interfacing with the dust cover to see if there is a way to modify the existing receiver to accept the new dust cover.

We continue to work on getting this Labour of Love completed.