So we are overdue for a Fal update.

I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates over the past two months. Now that our Blood Brothers event is done and our relocation is nearly complete it’s overdue that we get back on track.

Progress on each of the elements; this is behind what we want to be. We are really gunna struggle to have it finished for Christmas.

We want to be 100% transparent that we are well behind.


The Local stock-maker has decided he’s too busy to make them, so we have purchased a stock duplicator to “DIY” it. These are what the pros use and we hope to show you some results in the next 2 weeks once it arrives and we test it to get the results we need.


JG is being very Chinese and asking for more money at every turn. So we are only buying the PARTS from them we need now to make a FAL from our existing stocks LK58, lots of parts will be removed and replaced with locally made alloy parts. Much like our XM177 and OSW.


We have purchased a small CNC machine which we hope to further iterate the 3d prints we have now for the cocking handles and mag releases and then send the files out for production to Victoria (I know right)


For the dust cover we have finally found somebody that’s as passionate as us and has their first draft of the dust cover they are now meshing with the existing upper in tests to see if we need to completely rework the upper as a cnc project.

This company is Weapsim in Vic, they specialise in Gas blowback, replica and custom work as well as custom parts manufacturing for Armour vehicle restoration.


So we have all parts ready for assembly here at out facility except:

Wood kits

Long outer barrels and flash hiders

Stamped sheet metal dust cover 

Mag release

Final version of the cocking handle


As we did for the FAL Rear Sight upgrade we aim to have small quantities of the new accurised FAL parts available for individual purchase to allow people to upgrade those parts on the existing Hybrid or LK58/OSW models.


Every other part is ready to go and pre assembly will start as soon as we have the outer barrels from china.


I would like to apologise for the ongoing delays and ask that all of the people that believe in this project and have backed us with their pre-orders stay with us on this journey to realise the “Right hand of the Free World”


Sincerely Travis.