Op Blood Brothers Milsim Event

OCT 8 AT 4 AM – OCT 9 AT 12 PM

LOCATION; Buccas Outpost Milsim field.

FB page; @buccasoutpostmilsim

Taidi Brings you its first REAL milsim since Eastern Predator in 2019!

This is not an event for pickups and casual players!

We have built this for the people that HAVE been attending the milsofts and milsim sundays, and HAVE invested the time and effort over 2 years and have now gotten to a point where THEY are ready for more. We are not interested in catering to people that aren't on the same page as us or want any sort of special concession considered without talking directly to us.

This is TAIDI’s event run our way, if people don't like that we are  not interested in entertaining their whims or requests. This is not a democracy this is an event that pays for itself run by a business.


Uniforms Requirements and restrictions

Commonwealth of Nations forces are those of the notional “commonwealth of nations” and may wear any uniform from the countries listed here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_the_Commonwealth_of_Nations)

Plus the United states of America and its territories and The only flat colours allowed are green/olive drab for Commonwealth forces. Imagine no country ever left the commonwealth or fought for independence.

S.L.I.M.(Sierra Leone Independence Movement) forces are from ANY other country and may wear any uniform from those countries and the only flat colours allowed are coyote/tan for SLIM forces.

Flat colours

No other flat colours such as grey black or navy are able to be worn by players, they are reserved for NPC use, and possible future inclusion of PMC or contractor factions.

Players wishing to vary from the above may be able to do so on written application to tractor@taidi.com.au, however nothing is guaranteed. It must be a full squad in the same thing. We may vary camo patterns from one side to another to balance the event. At the start of the event you will be given examples of your enemies uniforms to aid in PID

Squad Prerequisites, These can not be adjusted 

All members of a squad must wear the same Camo pattern.

Squad format and equipment

 Each squad must have a minimum of 8 but no more than 12 players.

 No more than 2 machine guns or LSW/MMG similar (2 drum mags only for machineguns).

No more than 2 40mm systems of any kind (8 rounds on the squad max).

Max one DMR/SASS (not compulsory).

 1 dedicated radio operator with cellular phone and power bank, we will supply faction level radios, you may opt to run the app instead.

1 dedicated squad leader, who accounts for leadership, safety and player welfare. A squad leader is NOT to carry a radio!

1 dedicated medic who will need to carry a small bag with “iv bags” aka water bottles

Banned equipment

 Drones, Lasers, Party poppers, Radio scanners, Active radio interference

No live blades over 20cm in total. No fixed live blades

Gillie or yowie suits (hoods or veils but nothing below the shoulder)


Tickets to this event are not open to general public purchase on a 1 on 1 basis.

The ticket cost is $200 per person with a minimum team size of 8 and maximum size of 12.


Only a Team with the minimum number of required players are eligible to apply for tickets. Tickets are sold as a group buy only and are not available for individual sale.

There are several prerequisites you must fulfil in order to be able to purchase team tickets.

1. Contact sales@taidi.com.au and ask for a registration form.

2. Return the form fully completed with all of your team members details

3.We will verify all info provided and send you an invoice for the team. You cannot make individual payments for team members it must be as a group only.

 Faction command

Each faction will be commanded by an allocated and paid player (OC), who is supported by 2 cadre staff from taidi. One is the (CSM) company seargent major, the other 1 or 2 people is the driver/sig.

The faction commander is your officer commanding, you should endeavour to follow any orders given with a military purpose by them. Sometime these tasks might suck, but they should be shared among all players so everyone gets a fair go at combat.

 The CSM, serves a warden like role, they are not referees and they are armed and fight with you at times.

The driver/sig is responsible for the safe operation of their faction vehicle inside the game, safety while driving is their no 1 priority. Their second function is to act as the command post for the faction, in the field and serve to be the eyes and ears of the commander so they can focus on command

Blaster rules

Blasters cannot exceed 360fps.

 All gels must be commercially available to the public.

Your primary blaster should in some way simulate that carried by regular infantry and be on wide issue to a military. SF issued weapons do not always fit this category.

 DMR/SASS must not exceed 450fps or one round per second fire rate.

 Players can only carry 2 blasters total on their person. They must not be from the same category.


Assault or battle rifles, MGL, DMR, SASS, bolt action and PDW/SMG

Pistol calibre compact systems such as the p90, ump45, mp5, mp7 no m4 or ak derivatives.

This category cannot be carried with a primary, only a secondary


M203. M320 gp30, shotgun, pistol, m79 (strictly one shot per trigger pull)

Thunderb/bang 22 / gel grenades (commercially available)

Only 2 cores to be carried per person, shells unlimited

Rocket Launchers

At-07 is approved to be carried at one per section, other launchers can be approved on application.


You may have spare blasters kept at your faction location of any type mentioned above, so you can choose what to carry for each “mission” however security cannot be guaranteed.


All spare ammunition must be given to your faction command for storage in the command vehicle, clearly marked in a watertight container. You can replenish any time that vehicle in nearby and no battle is raging. Faction command cant guarantee immediate resupply and resupply is done on first come first served basis.

Faction ammo resupply is contestable but not lootable. ie you can “destroy the vehicle” and this then denies ammo resupply for 60 minutes, but you cannot touch or tamper with that ammunition. Must be hit directly by 40mm round to destroy it. Any nearby troops withing 10m are instantly killed also.

Players may carry a maximum of 6 magazines for their primary blaster and max 8 40 mm projectiles,

If an PDW is carried in lieu of a full sized rifle, 8 magazines may be carried.

 No limits on pistol mags


Must meet ACMA standards, or have CE tick. Be limited to the 80ch used by civilian radios or a frequency licensed.

You may listen to opposition frequencies but are strictly forbidden from transmitting on those not allocated by command

Hit rules

As per Milsim west TACSOP and this video. With the exception that dead players must display a dead/hit rag while dead


NOTE: SELF AID IS NOT ALLOWED, torniquets are buddy aid.

The Location; Buccas Outpost

-27.065477598771736, 150.6042788835671

Buccas Outpost

Buccas Outpost, located just over 3 hours west of Brisbane.
Being build to replicate battlefields of the world wars. With Trenches, barricades, tank traps, sandbags and outpost buildings. Over 500 acres of aussie bush to navigate, fight for and dominate.