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RULES FOR In Country milsoft

Medic rules;


Condition alive; The player is able to freely move, fight and carry out operations.


Condition wounded; the player has been wounded (1st hit) a tourniquet is applied in cover (as per PB rules).


Condition dead; The player has been hit a 2nd time He pull his dead rag waits for the contact to pass or ref to give the player the ok to move to respawn. If time allows allied troops to carry out a body count. NVA/VC respawns NVA/VC can respawn at any tunnel entrance, VC/NVA HQ and main village . If the spawn location is contested, IE enemy players at location. Then the VC/NVA player is to stay in the dead condition and move to the next spawn point.


Western allied;

Conditions alive; Players are free to carry out operations.


Condition wounded; Player is hit. The player drops to the ground calls hit and cannot move. Once on the ground the player calls for a medic. The medic can if safe to do so apply a shell dressing. Once the dressing is applied the player can re-enter combat.


Condition dead; Player is declared dead by the medic (IE medic no longer has any bandages to apply a dead rag is pulled the player must stay still till contact has finished), a ref tells them they can move to the spawn point.

Western allied medics; Medics carry 14 bandages These can be applied till they run out. Once all have been applied the section/ squad is no longer combat effective and must return to the spawn point. If a player has more than 2 bandages applied they are considered mortally wounded and can no longer be moved, they cannot operate a weapon or give out any troop movement. Medics can self heal. The only time a medic and return a player to full life is at a spawn point. Western allies spawn locations are the fuel dump, village and FSB Jaded



There is NO CONTACT or physical searching in MILSOFT. Therefore, equipment, ammunition, gear will stay with their respective owners all the time, and not be touched. A “search” is conducted similar to healing and must be done in cover. To search a player you simply say, “I am searching you”. After a 60 second timer the player must hand over any intelligence immediately. If it is believed that a player is withholding, then you can radio a game warden.


If a player is in a position to be captured they can be captured. The potential POW must be with in 1.5m of their captors. The captors must ask the potential POW to surrender IE drop your weapon and surrender The potential POW can then either draw and be fired upon or remove the magazine from there blasters with their non-master hand The POW must hand over in any and all game information/documents. The POW cannot be held for any longer than 10min. At the 10min mark the POW pull his dead rag and can return to his own nearest HQ.



This hobby has inherited dangers, please take extra time to consider safety. A detailed safety brief will occur before stepping off, any safety breach WILL result in removal without refund. It is MANDATORY that each player must arrive at event with 3L of water, if you do not you will be sent to purchase water at your own expense at the nearest town.

Devices such as “thunder b’s” may be used however it is your responsibility to supply and wear PPE at all times while on deployment.

While here you must not cause harm, fear or embarrassment to any person, and any conduct deemed offensive or inappropriate by the admin staff will result in immediate expulsion without refund. YOU MUST NOT TOUCH A PLAYER AT ANY TIME.


Referee’s and Disputes;

We expect players to “play in the spirit of the event” catch phrase is “if in doubt call YOURSELF out (hit)” the Referee’s will be identified by a High-vis yellow arm band, admin staff at the deployment will wear a white patch saying admin staff. Gaming the game will result on instant expulsion! Game wardens wear an Orange hi-vis arm band to differentiate them from referee’s.

2 Game Wardens; These people are responsible for maintaining the pace and fluidity of the game play. THEY ARE NOT REFEREES! They can respawn players and give game “advice” but cannot make Rules calls. They may task you with additional missions or objectives in the field. As we are simulating the military try to action warden directions as if the instruction came for TOC or the Faction Command team in the spirit of keeping the game flowing. All missions and tasks in game are optional, nobody will yell at your or make you do things you really don’t want to do. If you find anyone overstepping this ring the event manager on 0439473705 immediately. However we strongly encourage you to “play in the spirit of the Game” and do your utmost to get involved with the missions and story. That is why we are all here after all.


All Taidi full time staff (Game Wardens, Referee’s) will have red and yellow cards and the authority to remove any player from the game for either a time out (yellow Card) or immediate removal (Red Card) should they violate any rule contained herein or any breach of Safety set out in the additional brief.

Dress and Teams

Dress for the era In country is not a regular milsoft game it has a date setting of 1969 at the height of troop count during the Vietnam conflict. As such we in courage players to get into the spirit of the game by dressing for the era. This goes for both teams Simple BDU cut green uniform and load bearing harness for western allies. Plain cloths and minimal tactical gear for VC players. Please leave all modern camouflage uniforms, combat cut uniforms, plate carriers and MOLLE gear at home. Its recommended that players wanting to attend in country that they like and follow the Facebook public page and historical gelballers Facebook group.

Be advised that although you have bought a ticket in a certain section admin may allocate you to a different team without your friends to ensure balance of numbers on both sides, this is not negotiable. Neither side is good or bad nor are they heroes they are just teams.

Some non-player staff will interact with you during the game, they may be allies or enemies or simply neutral. Your interactions with them should be carefully considered as it will have effect on your ability to complete your missions. The “NPC” wear no arm band, or staff patches. They could be locals, professionals, solders or police so treat them as you think you should.

Taidi/Milsim East and the Village will reserve the right to have any staff member ask you to remove any patch or item of clothing we deem offensive. Failure to comply will result in your removal off the premises.

Blasters must not exceed 360fps (or 450fps for bolt action single shot rifles). Any commercially available gels may be used. There are no faction restrictions of blaster types at this time. We highly discourage drum mag use for blasters in the real would that are not belt fed or Light Support Weapons.

Upon check in there will be a procedure to follow including a chronograph station. Once your blaster has been crono’d it will have a tag put on it that CAN NOT be removed until admin states it can be. You must have chronograph completed immediately after arriving and before setting up camp or socialising. Time is not our friend so we need this done as efficiently as possible well before game start.

Communications;  All players are responsible for their own equipment.

Referees and Game Wardens will have their own coms to the TOC for safety control. Toc will maintain a single frequency for a safety network, all missions are given through game wardens over the course of the day.

Props Please respect the props issued to you, these may be orignal of the era or reproduction. These maybe part of someone's collection on loan.


Last Words;  Try to make this as much fun for everyone else as it is for you, be fair and don’t brake game rules. There is no sheep stations at stake so stay cool and calm and……….. be excellent to each other.

If you have questions about these rules please contact the organisers via these FB links;

Facebook group.