OPB4 Milsoft Rules Amended.

OPB4 Milsoft Rules Amended.

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  • All shots towards all parts of your body, clothing, gear, and equipment, including your weapon, will be counted as a hit. Once you get hit, you need Call out “HIT” loudly and raise you Blaster in the air and move SLOWLY to cover (that will protect you from incoming gels and vision) within 10 seconds and self-apply a tourniquet on either upper arm. This is called the ‘wounded’ condition. IF YOU CAN NOT RELOCATE WITHIN 10Sec you must declare “DEAD” in a loud voice and pull your Deadrag.


  • IF WOUNDED, AND HIT a second time, you need to deploy your red dead rag, this is known as the ‘dead’ condition. Once “dead” you must remain in the location where you were killed, until the engagement has either moved on or ended. At that time, you must relocate to a respawn zone indicated by the high visibility Tape or Flags. Anything you see while dead cannot be used or passed on to other players. “Dead men tell no tales”.


  • MEDICS; are a squad assigned role for 1 player in each team (of 13 players). Medics cannot hot swap roles to other players over the course of game play. If a player wants to swap to or from the medic role they must ask permission from a game warden before doing so.

Their primary role to ensure the survival of all other squad members in the field by “Healing” the wounded players in the field.

To do this a Medic Must move to 1.5meters (Covid Safe) of the wounded player and ensure that BOTH them and the “wounded” player are not in direct line of sight or fire. The medic must Time (not guestimate) 60sec for Each individual player they are healing in order for the player to be able to remove their tourniquet to return to full health. A Medic can not group heal players.

A medic can tourniquet themselves but they cannot self-heal if killed. They can be healed from the wounded state by another teams medic using the same rules as for normal squad members.

If killed they must go to a respawn point like everyone else.

With all this in mind a medic becomes one of the most important members of the team. Without them you all die! So protect them, work together.


  • SPAWN ZONES; Each faction has one zone in each of their respective areas. A total of 3 zones total in the field. Players can respawn at any of these spawn zone’s provided there is one of the following to be able to respawn you at these locations (Referees, Game Wardens, Medics (if not dead) Team Leader (if not dead) ) If there is not a member onsite to respawn you contact your Team leader and have them contact a member to move to your location. Take the opportunity to hydrate while you wait. Players found “camping” near a spawn zone to shoot players immediately after respawning will be yellow carded.


  • Only a Medic, Team leader, Game warden or Referee may revive you From the dead state at a Respawn Zone. How long it takes to respawn each player is up to the Game Warden, referee; however a medic or Team leader must spend 60 sec per person to respawn each player. A medic cannot revive themselves and must be revived by one of the other 3 admin assets. Medic patches can only be “swapped” in the immediate presence of a game warden.


  • SEARCH; There is NO CONTACT or physical searching in MILSOFT. Therefore, equipment, ammunition, gear will stay with their respective owners all the time, and not be touched. A “search” is conducted similar to healing and must be done in cover. To search a player you simply say, “I am searching you”. After a 60 second timer the player must hand over any intelligence immediately. If it is believed that a player is withholding, then you can radio a game warden.


2.1 This hobby has inherited dangers, please take extra time to consider safety. A detailed safety brief will occur before stepping off, any safety breach WILL result in removal without refund. It is MANDATORY that each player must arrive at event with 3L of water, if you do not you will be sent to purchase water at your own expense at the nearest town. Devices such as “thunder b’s” may be used however it is your responsibility to supply and wear PPE at all times while on deployment.

2.2 While here you must not cause harm, fear or embarrassment to any person, and any conduct deemed offensive or inappropriate by the admin staff will result in immediate expulsion without refund. YOU MUST NOT TOUCH A PLAYER AT ANY TIME.


Referee’s and Disputes

4.1           We expect players to “play in the spirit of the event” catch phrase is “if in doubt call YOURSELF out (hit)” the Referee’s will be identified by a High-vis yellow arm band, admin staff at the deployment will wear a white patch saying admin staff. Gaming the game will result on instant expulsion! Game wardens wear an Orange hi-vis arm band to differentiate them from referee’s.

4.2           Game Wardens; These people are responsible for maintaining the pace and fluidity of the game play. THEY ARE NOT REFEREES! They can respawn players and give game “advice” but cannot make Rules calls. They may task you with additional missions or objectives in the field. As we are simulating the military try to action warden directions as if the instruction came for TOC or the Faction Command team in the spirit of keeping the game flowing. All missions and tasks in game are optional, nobody will yell at your or make you do things you really don’t want to do. If you find anyone overstepping this ring the event manager on 0439473705 immediately. However we strongly encourage you to “play in the spirit of the Game” and do your utmost to get involved with the missions and story. That is why we are all here after all.


4.3           All Taidi full time staff (Game Wardens, Referee’s) will have red and yellow cards and the authority to remove any player from the game for either a time out (yellow Card) or immediate removal (Red Card) should they violate any rule contained herein or any breach of Safety set out in the additional brief.

Dress and Teams

5.1           Dress for combat, wear something approximating a combatant from any fairly modern military conflict. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DO NOT wear weighted plates. It is MANDATORY that you wear, some form of hat, long sleeves, trousers and appropriate boots. Helmets and plates give ZERO bonus.

5.2           Be advised that although you have bought a ticket in a certain section admin may allocate you to a different team without your friends to ensure balance of numbers on both sides, this is not negotiable. Neither side is good or bad nor are they heroes they are just teams. You must wear a distinguishing patch to available from www.taidi.com.au to identify you, and this MUST BE visible to all players at all times.  Patches for Operation Parabellum are specific to each side and we recommend you have all 3 to cover the eventuality of having to switch team.

5.3           Some non-player staff will interact with you during the game, they may be allies or enemies or simply neutral. Your interactions with them should be carefully considered as it will have effect on your ability to complete your missions. The “NPC” wear no arm band, or staff patches. They could be locals, professionals, solders or police so treat them as you think you should.

5.4           Taidi/Milsim East and the Village will reserve the right to have any staff member ask you to remove any patch or item of clothing we deem offensive. Failure to comply will result in your removal off the premises.


6.1           Blasters must not exceed 360fps (or 450fps for bolt action single shot rifles). Any commercially available gels may be used. There are no faction restrictions of blaster types at this time. We highly discourage drum mag use for blasters in the real would that are not belt fed or Light Support Weapons.

6.2           Upon check in there will be a procedure to follow including a chronograph station.  Once your blaster has been crono’d it will have a tag put on it that CAN NOT be removed until admin states it can be. You must have chronograph completed immediately after arriving and before setting up camp or socialising. Time is not our friend so we need this done as efficiently as possible well before game start.


7.1           You may only use equipment you can carry yourself, take everything you will need for 8 hours of hard walking and fighting, gels, batteries etc. Packs are not required but 3L of water per person MUST be carried on entering the deployment. Day packs are optional. A SMALL FIRST AID KIT IS MANDATORY. Remember to pack for different kinds of weather. If you need to retrieve something from the admin area, you will need to let your team mates know and advise a referee before you leave the field.


8.1           All players are responsible for their own equipment. We suggest that new players DO NOT purchase comms equipment and talk to other players to gauge the long-term need for it at their first event.

8.2           Referees and Game Wardens will have their own coms to the TOC for safety control. Toc will maintain a single frequency for a safety network, all missions are given through game wardens over the course of the day.

Last Words

12.1 Try to make this as much fun for everyone else as it is for you, be fair and don’t game the rules. There is no sheep stations at stake so stay cool and calm and……….. be excellent to each other.